Post Shipment Rediscount Credit Program

In the scope of our after-shipment rediscount credit program we are discounting your export receivables and meet your financial needs in the period after the shipment.

We are discounting the export receivables of our exporters and manufacturers of export goods after the goods of Turkish origin have been outright exported in return to free exchange, in turn of the promissory notes and documents issued in foreign exchange regarding to the export receivables referring to the future sales to finance the after-shipment export transaction and meet the financial needs in the after-shipment period.

What is the purpose of the product?

We support our exporters to develop their competitive shots by increasing their future sales opportunities on the international markets, and encourage them to enter into new and target markets by purging the receivable from commercial and political risks, and enable them to access financing opportunities in the after shipment period.

What is the company limit?

In the scope of this program we can provide a credit amount, foreign exchange and Turkish Lira credits in total up to USD 350 Million per company (FTSC excluded). The credit amount for foreign trade stock corporations is up to USD 400 Million per company. The credits can be used in the currencies EUR/USD/GBP/JPY.

What is the threshold?

The threshold in the scope of the after-shipment rediscount credit program is USD 1.000 per transaction.

How long is the term?

In the scope of the after-shipment rediscount credit program, we are discounting your export receivables with a term up to 360 days, and we meet your financial needs in the pre-shipment period.

Who can apply?

SME’s, manufacturers of export goods and all exporters

What does it cost?

The interest rates are being published on our website.

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