Innovative & visionary outlook

Türk Eximbank has embarked upon a restructuring journey during which it will also continue to undertake innovative, productivity-focused projects that will increase the satisfaction of Turkey’s exporters and contribute to the country’s export trade.

Digital-focused approach

Simplifying and speeding up our processes through a digital-focused approach allows us to increase the number of products and services we offer exporters while reducing overall dependency on branch-conducted operations.

A new era in exports

İhracatı Geliştirme A.Ş., of which Türk Eximbank is a founding shareholder, inaugurates a new era in which it will be easier for Turkish exporters, especially the country’s small and medium-sized businesses, to access financing and deal with credit collateral issues.

Sustainable export finance

While continuing to come to the aid of Turkey’s exporters in the provision of credit and insurance, Türk Eximbank has also integrated sustainability into its export-support mission. It continues to keep a close watch on national and international developments on this front.
Click here for Türk Eximbank 2021 Sustainability Report.

Exporter and stakeholder-focused approach

We proactively listen to what exporters and stakeholders say and we develop products and services based on the feedback we receive from them.

Chairman’s Message

Türkiye’s exports have broken new record in 2021 and reached USD 225.4 billion. Our country not only increased its exports but also acquired additional market share. According to the World Trade Organization, Türkiye’s share in global exports went up to 1.08% as of September 2021.


General Manager’s Message

Türk Eximbank provided our exporters with a total support of USD 46.1 billion, of which USD 22.5 billion was credit and USD 23.6 billion was insurance/reinsurance.



As of end-2021, Türk Eximbank ranked 9th in the Turkish banking industry on the basis of total assets of TL 322.4 billion as well as 8th on the basis of total lendings amounting to TL 287.5 billion.



In 2021 Türk Eximbank increased the value of its total export insurance coverage by 37.5% to USD 23,566 million while also expanding its overall support for Turkey’s export trade to USD 46,073 million.


Activities in 2021

During 2021, 14,092 firms, which together accounted for a significant share of Türkiye’s total exports, benefited from Türk Eximbank’s loan programs. Priority was given to SMEs in lending, and TL credits were predominantly used for SME financing.


Targets and Activities in 2022

Türk Eximbank targets to contribute more efficiently to Türkiye’s export-oriented growth strategy with the new services launched and with its revamped visage.


Structured to proactively support the country’s exporters


Expanded product and service portfolio that addresses exporters’ needs

Technologically adept and fast

Digitally-enhanced service response speed and quality