Annual Report 2020

Sustainability at Turk Eximbank

Turk Eximbank considers all financial and non-financial risks in economic, environmental, social and governance areas while carrying out its activities.

sustainability principles

Turk Eximbank believes that sustainable exports is of the utmost importance in the rapidly changing world that is confronted with numerous issues from climate change to socioeconomic inequality.

Within this framework, the Bank launched the “Sustainability, Environmental and Social Risk Management” Project to carry out all of its activities in line with sustainability principles and to shape its governance structure on the center of these principles. In the same direction, the Sustainability Principles, Environmental and Social Impact Policy, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Policy were approved based on the Board of Directors decision dated 06 September 2019.

Accordingly, the Environmental and Social Risk Model is applied for the following loan applications although they are not included in “Turk Eximbank Unfunded Activities List” in order to assess the environmental and social risks stemming from the Bank’s lending and insurance transactions and for their effective management in line with the Bank’s strategy: