Sustainability Policies

Turk Eximbank believes that sustainable exports are of vital importance in a world which faces challenges varying from climate change to socio-economic inequality. In this direction, Turk Eximbank considers economic, environmental, social and managerial risks while conducting all financial and non-financial operations. The bank has developed the Turk Eximbank Sustainability Management System in order to assess all operations in an integrated sustainability perspective. Turk Eximbank supports the implementation of corporate sustainability management at international sustainability standards level and with constant improvement via Turk Eximbank Sustainability Management System. The Sustainability Principles, which is  prepared in the scope of Turk Eximbank Sustainability Management System, includes Environmental and Social Impact Policy and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Policy.

Sustainability Principles

Sustainability Principles exhibits the sustainability approach of the Turk Eximbank.

Environmental and Social Impact Policy:

Turk Eximbank aims to manage the direct and indirect environmental and social impacts that might result from its activities with the Environmental and Social Impact Policy.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Policy:

Turk Eximbank intends to facilitate the transfer and diffusion of low carbon technologies and infrastructures by providing support for the export of environmentally beneficial goods and services with the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Policy.