Integrated Management System Policy Commitments

“Turk Eximbank” is Turkey's only official export support institution. Turk Eximbank's aim is to support Turkish exporters to be more competitive in their sectors. Turk Eximbank supports exporters, export-oriented manufacturers and contractors operating abroad, entrepreneurs and companies providing foreign exchange earning services with short, medium and long-term cash/non-cash loans, insurance and guarantee programs. Turk Eximbank aims to increase the service quality in all its activities, to set an example for banking activities at the global level and to ensure sustainable development. In this respect, Turk Eximbank has Sustainability Principles, Environmental and Social Impact Policy and Climate Change Combat and Adaptation Policies.

In addition, Turk Eximbank makes the following commitments in all its activities in accordance with the International Standards it has:

  1. Turk Eximbank regularly monitors the direct and indirect effects of the operational activities, calculates greenhouse gas emissions and sets targets for continuous improvement.
  2. Turk Eximbank carries out activities to increase the competence of employees and stakeholders in order to realize the vision in accordance with the strategic goals.
  3. In order to protect the natural resources of our country and the world, to support sustainable development and to combat climate change, Turk Eximbank supports resource and energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste reduction/recovery projects and environmentally friendly technologies, and pays attention to the maximum environmental and social benefits of the projects that the Bank lends.
  4. In order to increase the effectiveness of the management of environmental, quality and occupational health and safety risks and targets and for sustainable improvement, Turk Eximbank defines the obligations of compliance with national and international external legislation and secondary legislation in these areas and makes maximum efforts for compliance.
  5. In lending activities, Turk Eximbank aims to improve the environmental and social institutional capacities of exporting companies by subjecting the projects above the loan amount determined for loan requests other than the List of Prohibited Activities specified in the Annex to Environmental and Social Impact Policy, to the Environmental and Social Risk Assessment Model.
  6. Turk Eximbank supports the transition to a low carbon economy by developing environmentally friendly products.
  7. Turk Eximbank systematically records and responds to all complaints received from all stakeholders affected by the operations and activities and periodically reports them to the senior management.
  8. Turk Eximbank aims to provide, maintain and improve customer satisfaction in all its activities.
  9. Turk Eximbank aims to prevent and/or reduce occupational health and safety risks that may occur in operational activities in service buildings, keeps records and engages in continuous improvement studies.